Blue Vista

One Gallon size Consentrate, Our best value. Makes 7040 Gallons


Brand Blue Vista
Item form Liquid
Specific uses for product Bottle,Car,Windshield
Item volume 7040  Gallons
Number of Items 1
Contains liquid contents Yes

SAVE MONEY! With The Original Blue Vista concentrate. (1 Gallon container)

Quick Lubes. Car washes. Detail Shops. Dealerships. Repair shops Truck Stops. Make your own windshield wash and save time and money. One ounce of our concentrated liquid makes a 55 gallon drum of blue Windshield Washer Fluid! THAT’S LESS THAN $3 CENTS A GALLON!

· Specially formulated with advanced technology for streak-free cleaning power. Our emulsifiers and surfactants help easily remove BUGS, dirt, and road spray from your windshield.

· IMPROVED VISIBILITY AND SAFETY: Helps rain bead up and be blown away by the aerodynamic effect of wind flowing over your windshield.

This product is sold Nationwide to the Automotive and Trucking industries. Extremely economical, effective and simple to make. Your shop and customers and wallet will thank you. Try this product and you won’t be disappointed.


Buy with confidence.


For professional use only

NOTE: To provide freeze protection See table on the bottle.

30% Methanol for a -20 degree mix.


Technical Details

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